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Press Club contest winners

Bay Area journalists and public relations professionals were presented with 109 awards of excellence in 45 categories at the Peninsula Press Club’s 23rd annual awards dinner here tonight.

Master of ceremonies Rebecca Corral, news anchor and reporter at KCBS radio, announced the winners.

The Peninsula Press Club’s annual Professional Journalism Awards Competition dinner was held at the San Mateo Marriott Hotel.

The winners were selected from nearly 500 entries by print and television journalists and public relations professionals in the 11 Greater Bay Area counties. Competition was for work done in 1999.

Three students were honored as recipients of Herb Caen scholarships presented each year by the Peninsula Press Club. Marc Carig of Contra Costa College in San Pablo received a $1,500 scholarship. Lisa Macabasco of Lowell High School in San Francisco and Clarissa Aljentera of San Jose State University each received $750 in scholarship funds.

Samaritan House of San Mateo earned the Press Club’s annual Bonnie Chastain Award for serving the homeless and poor in the mid-peninsula for 20 years while working with the media to help tell its story.

The winners:



1st — John Diaz, San Francisco Chronicle (You Pay the Toll for Mayor’s Ego)

2nd — Jim Gardner, San Francisco Business Times (Banks Deposit Your Privacy in Hand of State)

Editorial Cartoon

1st — Kathryn LeMieux, Point Reyes Light (State Fair)

2nd — Steve Curl, Palo Alto Daily News (Choose Your Role Model)


1st — Ken Garcia, San Francisco Chronicle

2nd — Phil Matier and Andy Ross, San Francisco Chronicle

Honorable Mention — Steve Symanovich, San Francisco Business Times

Spot News Story — Individual

1st — Sabin Russell, San Francisco Chronicle (Blood-drawing Reforms Were Shelved in ’97)

2nd — Meredith May, San Francisco Chronicle (Many Kids Skipped Summer School)

Honorable Mention — Michelle Guido, San Jose Mercury News (Garcia had faced two restraining orders…)

Spot News Story — Team

1st — San Jose Mercury News Staff (HP Breaks Up)

2nd — San Francisco Chronicle (UCSF Merger)

Honorable Mention — San Francisco Chronicle (Deadly Blast at Tosco Plant)

General News Story — Individual

1st — Lisa Davis, San Francisco Weekly (Lab Rats)

2nd — Susan Sward, San Francisco Chronicle (Mini’s 236 Crash-Prone Drivers)

Honorable Mention — The Press Democrat (Who Killed Sarah Hutchings?)

General News Story — Team

1st — San Francisco Weekly (Rage Against the Machine)

2nd — San Francisco Bay Guardian (FOI Issue)

Honorable Mention — San Francisco Weekly (W.L.Brown: A Public/Private Partnership)

Feature Story — Light

1st — Steve Rubenstein, San Francisco Chronicle (5.8 Million Tatdo)

2nd — Heather Knight, San Francisco Chronicle (Mr. Know It All)

Honorable Mention — Yumi Wilson, San Francisco Chronicle (SF Library Closes Book on Boy’s Idea)

Feature Story — Serious

1st — Joan Ryan, San Francisco Chronicle (Breaking Away)

2nd — Kevin Fagan,San Francisco Chronicle (Out of the Rubble)

Honorable Mention — Marshall Wilson, San Francisco Chronicle (Strike Splits King City)

Series — Individual

1st — Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle (California Century)

2nd — David Lazarus, San Francisco Chronicle (Somebody’s Gotta Do It)

Honorable Mention — A. Clay Thompson, San Francisco Bay Guardian (The Lost Boys, Full House)

Series — Team

1st — San Francisco Chronicle, DNA (Erin Hallissy & Charlie Goodyear)

2nd — San Jose Mercury News, Battered Lives (Michelle Guido & Carole Rafferty)

Honorable Mention — San Jose Mercury News, Paid by the Piece (K. Oanh Ha & Miranda Ewell)

Best Technology Story

1st — Terry Nagel, San Francisco Chronicle (High-Tech Home Innovations)

2nd — Jack Boulware, San Francisco Weekly (Online Pirates of the Caribbean)

Best Business Story

1st — Bob Porterfield, Savannah Blackwell & Tali Woodward, San Francisco Bay Guardian (Car Carrion)

2nd — Scott Herhold, San Jose Mercury News (Silicon Valley’s Most Successful Failure)

Honorable Mention — Sam McManis, San Francisco Chronicle (Culture Clash on the Job)

Honorable Mention — Jonathan Rabinovitz, San Jose Mercury News (Dow Breaks Through)

Best Entertainment Review

1st — Steven Winn, San Francisco Chronicle (Jeckyll and Hyde)

2nd — John Carman, San Francisco Chronicle (Purple — Hue Knew?)

Honorable Mention — John Carman, San Francisco Chronicle (The TV Era — From Idealism to Materialism)

Page One Design

1st — San Francisco Bay Guardian (Spotlight on Secrecy)

2nd — Kimberly Brokaw, East Bay Business Times (Front Page)

Inside Page Design

1st — San Francisco Chronicle (Outdoor Decor)

2nd (tie) — San Francisco Chronicle (5 Easy Pieces)

San Francisco Chronicle (Romancing the Rose)


1st — Lisa Davis, San Francisco Weekly (Jamba Liar, One of California’s Best Cajun Chefs …)

2nd — Lisa Davis, San Francisco Weekly (Science of the Lambs, Buying Dolly the duplicated sheep…)

Honorable Mention — Dick Sparrer, The Montclarion (It’s Not Easy Beating Green)

Specialty Story

1st — Ruthe Stein, Jesse Hamlin & Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle (Where Are They Now?)

2nd — Sara Steffens, Contra Costa Times (The Sweet Here & Now)

Honorable Mention — Christina Waters, Metro Santa Cruz (Desert Escapes)

Sports — Feature Story

1st — Ann Killion, San Jose Mercury News (A Promise Kept)

2nd — Elliott Almond, San Jose Mercury News (Bringing Down the Wall)

Honorable Mention — Matt Steinmetz, Contra Costa Times (Joe’s Grace Lifted Him Above Game)

Sports — Column

1st — Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle (Candlestick is the Connoisseurs)

2nd — Bob Padecky, The Press Democrat (Catfish Tribute)

Honorable Mention — Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle (Hot Sweaty Hugo)


General News Story

1st — Joel Engardio, San Francisco Weekly (A Chance for Respect)

2nd — Laura Impellizzeri & Douglas Robson, San Francisco Business Times (Sitting on a Time Bomb)

Feature Story

1st — Michael Learmonth, Metro (Shooting Straight)

2nd — A. Clay Thompson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Honorable Mention — Greg Hugunin, San Francisco Weekly (Pleasantville)

Page Design

1st — Kimberly Brokaw, East Bay Business Times (Section Cover)

2nd — Kimberly Brokaw, East Bay Business Times (Spending It 2/19/99)

Honorable Mention — Melanie Lynn, East Bay Business Times (Spending It 6/4/99)


1st — Jim Gardner, San Francisco Business Times (Presidio Deal: Trust Fudges on Process)


1st — Aldo Maragoni, San Jose Business Journal

2nd — Dick Sparrer, Concord Transcript


Spot News Photo

1st — Justin Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner (Harrowing Fan)

2nd — Paul Sakuma, Associated Press (Yosemite Death Plunge)

Honorable Mention — Paul Sakuma, Associated Press (Tragedy in Yosemite)

General News Photo

1st — Paul Sakuma, Associated Press (Puerto Rican Freedom)

2nd — Dean Coppo
la, Pleasant Hill Record (High Five)

Honorable Mention — Kent Porter, Press Democrat (Strike, Rattle and Roll)

Feature Photo — Light

1st — John Burgess, The Press Democrat (Getting His Goat)

2nd — (tie) Frederic Larson, San Francisco Chronicle (King Willie) Kent Porter, The Press Democrat (Tree Parking)

Feature Photo — Serious

1st — Justin Sullivan, San Francisco Examiner (Lightning over Bay Bridge)

2nd — Shmuel Thaler, Santa Cruz County Sentinel (Tearful Embrace)

Sports Photo

1st — Paul Sakuma, Associated Press (NCAA Soccer Winners)

2nd — Shmuel Thaler, Santa Cruz County Sentinel (Swell Break)

Honorable Mention — Dean Coppola, Walnut Creek Journal (Thuy Down Under)

Photo Series or Story

1st — George Sakkestad, Metro Santa Cruz (Breadth of Life)

2nd — Tim Kao, San Francisco Chronicle (Chasing Dreams in Shanghai)

Honorable Mention — Kat Wade, San Francisco Chronicle (Motherly Love)

Honorable Mention — Joanna Jhanda, The Montclarion (Milo)

Best Photo — Non-Dailies

1st — Dean Coppola, Solano Times (Big Bennie)

2nd — Dean Coppola, Walnut Creek Journal (Misty Morning)

Honorable Mention — Dean Coppola, Walnut Creek Journal (Upsidedown Aquanuts)


Spot News Photography

1st — Jeff Pierce, KRON-TV (Shasta Fire)

Talk or Interview Show

1st — Stewart Cheifet Production (Computer Chronicles)

2nd — Stewart Cheifet Productions (Net Cafe)

Special Programming

2nd — Computer Chronicles (Internet Showcase ’99)


1st — Jeff Pierce, Tom Sinkovitz, Richard Hall, Alex Jonsson, KRON-TV (Return to Vietnam)


Radio News Story

1st — Doug Sovern & Mike Sugerman, KCBS Radio (MUNI Lights)

2nd — Holly Quan & Ed Cavagnaro, KCBS Radio (Close Call)

Light Radio Feature

1st — Doug Sovern, KCBS-Radio (Into Africa)

2nd — Mike Sugerman, KCBS-Radio (Mayor Mike)

Serious Radio Feature

1st — Mike Sugerman, KCBS-Radio (Heroin Chic)


Feature Story — Light

1st — San Jose Magazine (Photographic Memories: A Marriage of Words and Pictures)

2nd — San Jose Magazine (Paradise Found)

Honorable Mention — San Jose Magazine (Woz Up)

Feature Story — Serious

1st — San Jose Magazine (T-Bone of Contention)

2nd — San Jose Magazine (Where Did We Fail?)


Industry Analysis Story

1st — Arthur O’Donnell, California Energy Markets (The Economics of Restructuring in California)


News Release

1st — Luis Palomares, American Conservatory Theatre (American Premiere of Tom Stoppard’s Invention of Love)


1st — Robert Ward, Personalized Publications (Body Work: Sturken Auto Body)

2nd — PRx, Lifelines Newsletter

Press Kit

1st — PRx, VTA Media Notebook

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