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June 2003 Press Club board minutes

Minutes of Peninsula Press Club meeting of June 11, 2003, at the Kingfish Restaurant in San Mateo.

In attendance were: John Kane, Jack Russell, Michelle Carter, Ed Remitz, Darryl Compton, Bill Workman and John Horgan. President John Kane called the meeting to order at 6:21 p.m. Minutes of the May 14, 2003, meeting were read and approved, 6-0.

Michelle Carter presented the treasurer’s report which indicated that the club’s operating balance was $25,490.88. It was agreed to shift funds from that account to the scholarship account which totalled $8,302.28. The vote was 6-0. It also was pointed out that the annual awards competition netted a profit of $2,234. The cost of the awards banquet wound up showing a net profit of $145 as well. Darryl Compton said the first six months of the year had produced $4,645 in club dues. He termed the awards dinner “very smooth.”

It was determined not to hold a meeting in July. There will be just one more meeting at the Kingfish Restaurant due to the noise level at the eatery.

That was set for Aug. 13. The meeting after that is schedled to be held at the San Mateo County Times.

Bill Workman indicated that he is interested in helping to set up another Bench, Bar, Media gathering. John Horgan stated that the Internal Revenue Service has taken virtually all of the San Francisco Press Club’s liquid assets. That club, he said, is dead.

Michelle Carter said the PPC must find another insurance carrier. John Kane asked that a slate of 2003-04 club officers be created ASAP. It was decided to hold the club’s annual picnic on the last weekend in August. The meeting was concluded at 7:26 p.m.

Minutes prepared by John Horgan, secretary.

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