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How to join the Press Club

Please e-mail us at sfpen-pressclub@sbcglobal.net and include your name, title, employer, address and phone number. Also let us know what committees you’d like to join: Awards, Awards Banquet, Scholarship, Nominating, Newsletter, High School Journalism Awards, Bench Bar Media or Other.

Membership at $35 a year is open to present/former working journalists who live in or work in the nine Bay Area counties.

This includes publishers, editorial staff members, staff photographers of newspapers, magazines, and other publications of general circulation who are regularly employed on a full-time basis; General Managers, editorial staff members, and staff photographers for radio stations, television stations, and wire services who are regularly employed on a full-time basis; professors, instructors, or lecturers employed in accredited college or university schools or departments of Journalism, Mass Communication, or Public Relations; professional freelance photographers or writers who perform a major portion of their work for newspapers, magazines, syndications, publications of general circulation, radio or television stations, or wire services; and persons regularly engaged on a full-time basis in public relations and/or public affairs whose principal duties require contact with the news media.

Associate memberships are available for $35 per year to persons who, in their business or professional capacities, serve as an important and continuing news source and/or who are designated by the Board of Directors to have a community interest with the Club’s active members.

Student Memberships are also available at a discounted rate of $15 to students with declared majors in journalism or communications, enrolled in at least nine units at an accredited college or university in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Retired journalists or public relations persons may join at a discounted rate of $20 per year.

Professional journalism or public relations couples who wish to both be members of the association with separate listings may join for $50 per year.

Members receive invitations to PPC sponsored events free or at a discounted rate compared to non-members. Members also receive discounts on their entries to the PPC Awards.

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