At the San Mateo Daily News

Meeting commenced at 6:20 p.m.

Directors present: Micki Carter, John Kane, Jack Russell, and Ed Remitz. Also present: Darryl Compton, executive director. Directors absent: Aimee Lewis, Jon Mays, Justin Nyberg, Dave Price and Bill Workman.

Directors voted 4-0 to approve previous meeting’s minutes.

Treasurer’s Report:
Compton reported the treasury is solvent.

Old Business:

Compton reported that the PPC website has been enhanced with additional journalism links.

Compton reported that a series of technical changes to PPC bylaws have been prepared for review and approval by the membership during a board meeting in November. The changes include moving the annual meeting from September to January and directing the executive director to process membership applications.

New Business:

Directors decided a board meeting and Christmas party will be held Dec. 8. Details for the party are to be arranged.

Carter noted that congratulations are in order for two directors — Aimee Lewis is expecting a baby in January and Jon Mays is planning to marry. The directors joined in congratulating both.

The meeting adjourned at 7 p.m.

Minutes submitted by director Ed Remitz.

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