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NLRB sides against Chronicle pressmen

The National Labor Relations Board claims that the pressman’s union violated labor laws by refusing to negotiate for a contract with the Chronicle, according to a report in today’s Chron, and the dispute is now headed to an administrative law judge. The union, representing 250 press operators and pre-press workers, has said it held three “negotiating sessions” with the Chron, but management doesn’t consider them to be official contract talks.

Currently, the Chron dealing with several unions who contracts expired June 30.

Negotiations are taking place with the Media Workers Guild (870 editorial, advertising, circulation and customer service employees), Mailers Union (350 who insert pre-printed sections) and Typographical Union (30 artists and others who design ads).

On Friday, management reached an agreement with the Teamsters who maintain its buildings.

The Paperhandlers Union, representing 20 people, has ratified a contract.

Vendors Local 468, representing 24 independent contractors who sell the paper at kiosks, has reached a tentative contract agreement but has not yet ratified it.

The Chron’s contract with its Teamster drivers doesn’t expire until 2010.

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