The quest for dominance by San Francisco’s two alternative weekly papers, Bruce Brugmann’s Bay Guardian and the New Times-owned SF Weekly, has reached angry and almost comic levels, writes the Sacramento Bee’s Herbert A. Sample, with a New Times editor calling Brugmann “bull-goose loony.” Brugmann (photo right) says New Times has unfairly lowered rates in order to force him to sell ads at below cost, a charge the chain denies. Brugmann says the chain’s execs don’t like San Francisco and, “They don’t really belong here.”

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  1. both weeklies suck. they’re rufuges for ‘reporters’ who write opinion pieces because ther’re too lazy to get both sides of a story. both appear to be supported by ‘adult’ advertising–SF deserves better!!!

  2. both weeklies suck. they’re a refuge for “reporters” who are too lazy to get both sides of the story, so they write opinion pieces masquerading as journalism. both appear to be supported by “adult” advertising—SF deserves better!!!!

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