An item we posted yesterday, headlined “Conservative paper fights distribution rules,” misstated the opinion of Lindsay Reinsmith, editor of the The Progressive, about a ban on door-to-door distribution of publications on the Stanford campus. The item was a summary of a Stanford Daily article in which Reinsmith acknowledges there are two sides to the issue. Unfortunately, we only quoted her statement about one side of the issue. Her entire quote is as follows: “Door-to-door distribution is nice in that it allows students to access publications,” she said. “They have to make literally no effect to get publications produced on campus. However, it creates a mess of paper on campus, and students don’t necessarily want their own copies of publications. You have to find a balance here between allowing students to find ready access to material without overwhelming them.” In addition, a quote in the original item attributed to Editor-in-chief Ryan Tracey should have been attributed to Editor Emeritus Ben Guthrie. The PPC apologizes for the errors and we appreciate Alec Rawls and Ryan Tracey of the Stanford Review for pointing out the mistakes.

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