The National Journal, which calls itself a nonpartisan source of Washington political news, reports on its blog today (Feb. 1) that SF Examiner owner Phil Anschutz was one of 140 conservatives who participated in a week-long, closed-door conference put on by a group called The Legacy, which raises money for candidates. “Members must profess their belief in God … champion small government, a strong national defense and the free-market system,” wrote Marc Ambinder of the National Journal. Legacy members agree “about the wrongness of gay marriage and the tragedy of abortion,” Ambinder wrote. Anschutz, 65, inherited his father’s oil business and parlayed that wealth into railroad (Union Pacific) and telephone (Quest) empires. More recently, he has financed family-friendly movies such as “The Chronicles of Narina.” In 2004, he purchased the struggling San Francisco Examiner from Florence Fang for a reported $15 million. He increased the free paper’s circulation, introduced a Washington (D.C.) Examiner and plans to open a Balitmore Examiner in the next couple of months. So far the SF Examiner hasn’t reported on The Legacy.

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