Paul Gullixson, former editor of the Palo Alto Weekly and currently an editorial writer and columnist for The Press Democrat in Santa Rosa, has been elected as the California First Amendment Coalition’s new board president. Gullixson succeeds Dick Rogers, the Readers’ Representative for the SF Chronicle. CFAC board member Rick Pullen, dean of the College of Communications at CSU Fullerton, was elected vice president. Other CFAC board members include Mel Opotowsky, William S. Johnson, Bruce B. Brugmann, Duffy Carolan, James M. Chadwick, Dawn Garcia, Ray Herndon, Michael Hoffman, Allen McCombs, K.C. Meadows, Steve Montiel, Karl Olson, John Raess, Rowland Rebele, Martin Weinberger and Arnold York. Joining the CFAC board is Kevin Bankston of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Named as retiring CFAC “fellows” were Mort Levine, Barbara Inatsugu, Barbara Blinderman, Carole Wagner-Vallianos and Dan Weikel. CFAC’s executive director is Peter Scheer.

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