Anil Dash, a SF blogger who is also vice president of the blogging company Six Apart, writes that Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond’s editorial about craigslist being like Wal-Mart was “profoundly wrong.” And besides, Dash writes, who is the editor of an alt-weekly to complain? “Hamstrung by unreasonably overentitled union members on one side and underpaid, underappreciated freelancers on the other, it’s impossible to create a newsroom where more than a handful of writers are even able to give a damn,” writes Dash, who says he used to work at an alt-weekly. “And a business model predicated on nickel-and-diming for rent ads or charging brokers a premium price for ALL CAPS in a listing, combined with some edge-of-legality back pages full of ads for whores is certainly not contributing to a community.” [A link to our post about Redmond’s editorial]

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