Billionaire Phil Anschutz (pictured) made waves in November 2004 when he registered URLs for “Examiner” web sites in 70 ciites, prompting speculation that he would expand his chain of papers nationwide. In 2004, he bought the San Francisco Examiner, last year he started the Washington (D.C.) Examiner and this year he plans to open a Baltimore Examiner. In Indiana, the blog site Fort Wayne Observed has discovered that Anschutz’s Clarity Media registered just a few days ago, on Feb. 10, 2006. Your PPC Moderator went online and found that on Feb. 10, 2006, Clarity Media also registered and In 2004, Clarity registered Examiner web sites for Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Portland, Sacramento and Orange County. Somebody else got before him. Locally, is still available, as is Palo Alto, San Mateo and Berkeley. (Trivia note: William Randolph Hearst founded the Los Angeles Examiner in 1922. In 1962, it merged with the Herald Express. The merged Los Angeles Herald Examiner survived until 1989.)

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