KGO host Pete Wilson will probably be more careful in the future about what he says when he thinks his microphone has been turned off. During a heated discussion yesterday (Feb. 16) with callers about the Cheney shooting incident, Wilson vented his frustrations during a commercial break, Chron columnist Leah Garchick reports this morning. The only problem was that his microphone was still on. Garchick wrote: “Wilson riffed: ‘That’s right,’ the veep was drunk or perhaps ‘leaning up against a tree” while ‘blinking some woman” or getting (an act unfit for a family newspaper but sometimes performed by White House interns). To a person who tuned in exactly at that moment, those comments may have sounded a teensy bit disrespectful to the second-in- commander-in-chief.” Wilson later told Garchick that he was frustrated with the callers and was being “completely sarcastic.”

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