Broadcasting & Cable Magazine has a major story about how independent stations are having success challening network competitors in major markets. “One high-profile exception is Young Broadcasting’s KRON San Francisco,” writes Allison Romano of B&C. “After decades as a strong NBC outlet, the station lost its affiliation in 2001. As an indie, KRON beefed up to 81⁄2 hours of local news a day and bought Dr. Phil, but KRON’s ratings are well below those of its days as an NBC outlet. And its share of market revenue has dropped from 21.8% in 2001 to 8.7% in 2004.” The article points out that the number of indies will double this fall with the consolidation of the WB and UPN networks, leaving stations like SF’s Channel 44 without a network.

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  1. KRON isn’t doing as well as other indies because Young Broadcasting can’t or won’t invest in the station … the stations doing well all benefit from owners with a long-term plan.

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