The Marin IJ’s Tad Whitaker reports that several hundred business leaders, politicians and other Marin County residents gathered Monday (Feb. 20) to celebrate the life of former IJ publisher Roger Grossman, who died Jan. 26 from prostate cancer at age 59. One speaker called Grossman “Mr. Civic” while another said the publisher’s style of dress and hair reminded him of Johnny Cash.

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  1. Roger Grossman was the consummate media marketing whiz. The guy was tireless, smart and caring. He understood community newspapers and what their role was, both on the advertising and public relations sides. He left the editorial folks alone. His persona was striking and his ability to get things done quickly was quite amazing. In San Mateo, he got up to speed in just a couple of months shortly after The Times was sold to Dean Singleton. His presence was an immediate shot in the arm for a publication that really needed some help back in 1996. He departed the Peninsula way too soon. But he was too valuable to Singleton and the ANG Newspapers Group. The Marin IJ lost a critically important and valuable executive last month. So did ANG. He will be missed by all of us who knew him. John Horgan, columnist, San Mateo County Times.

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