The Chronicle notes in an editorial this morning (Feb. 22) that it published two stories by freelance journalist Jill Carroll before she was kidnapped in Baghdag. The editorial went on to urge U.S. authorities to explore “every possible avenue” to save her life short of acceding to the demands of the kidnappers. The kidnappers, a group calling itself the “Revenge Brigade,” have demanded that the U.S. release all female Iraqi prisoners by Sunday or they will kill Carroll.

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  1. it’s a tragedy that Carroll has been kidnapped, but the media is giving her situation special attention that it hasn’t given other kidnap victims in iraq. to the public, i think that looks like we’re playing favorites.

    perhaps the chronicle should have explained why the kidnapping of a journalist deserves special attention, over and above the attention given to a contractor or engineeer who is abducted.

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