Chronicle consumer columnist David Lazarus (pictured) might be getting a lot of lunch invitations from corporate CEOs after they read a Q&A he did with Lazarus admits that he’s most often criticized for being anti-business, but he says he’s really “pro-accountability.” And he says that face-to-face meetings with chief executives have helped improve his understanding of companies such as PG&E and Charles Schwab. Lazarus said he had lunch with PG&E’s CEO Peter Darby at Darby’s suggestion. “We had a nice chat. And we did it on the record, and I was fairly aggressive in my questioning of him. And since then we’ve had another lunch together. I haven’t gone any easier on PG&E, but I would say that by opening up in that way and increasing my accessibility to the higher levels of the utility as opposed to just the flacks, who I normally deal with with some companies, I have a better insight and awareness of where these guys are coming from, and that can only benefit them.” [Some of Lazarus’ recent columns] [Grade The News profile of Lazarus from 2004]

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  1. The article doesn’t discuss this, but is SBC/AT&T still boycotting the Chronicle because of him? Hearst is probably taking a huge hit, but more power to them for not muzzling Lazarus!

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