The San Francisco editor of a newspaper that has been critical of the Chinese government says his home has been burglarized twice and another employee of the same newspaper was attacked by three men outside his home in Georgia, according to a report issued today (Feb. 23) by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ). Journalists for the Falun Gong-affiliated newspaper Epoch Times told CPJ that they believe they were targeted for criticizing the Chinese government and the Chinese Communist Party. Alex Ma, an executive and editor at the newspaper’s San Francisco office, said unknown individuals broke into his house twice in 2005. After the first break-in, Ma said relatives in China told him that state security agents visited their homes and told them he needed to stop his “activities,” according to CPJ. In Georgia on Feb. 8, Epoch Times chief technical officer Li Yuan told police he was attacked by three men, one with a gun and another with a knife. One spoke in Mandarin and asked where his safe was located, he said. “I was bleeding and I couldn’t see,” Li told CPJ. “They had duct tape on my eyes and mouth.” [AP report]

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