San Francisco will be the home of a new daily newspaper specializing in news from Mongolia, a democracy of 2.8 million people landlocked between China and Russia. About 10,000 people from Mongolia live in the United States, and this new newspaper would cater to them, according to a statement posted today (March 1) on the Mongolian government’s web site The paper will be known as “Unuudur in America,” or “Today in America,” and it will be published by Mongol News, a newspaper company in Mongolia, in cooperation with a firm called Pacific Marketing. If this paper succeeds, they will consider publishing a similar one for Mongolians in South Korea. Mongolia is a rural nation known for its wandering herdsmen. But the government web site points out, “Nowadays Mongolia is modern country where people drive their fancy landcruisers, while talking to their trendy mobile phone.” No date for the start of the paper was given.

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