In response to an item we posted a couple of days ago about the departure of popular “China Crosstalk” host Jay Stone Shin from KTSF Channel 26, a reader of this web site points out that Shih wasn’t able to say “farewell” to his viewers before leaving the air. Shih, on his web site, says that the last week of the show consisted of reruns due to the “strong urging of KTSF management,” preventing him from saying goodbye. But on his website says, “China Crosstalk’s chapter with KTSF has now ended. Please stay tuned for our announcement as a new chapter of China Crosstalk unfolds in the near future.”

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  1. he is too BLUE!

    Ms Shih of TALK TONIGHT is much better!

    Sisy Chen on ctitv is pro-blue, but her World Report on the weekend is the best to me.

    And I’m pro-green.

    A Taiwanese American

  2. SO GLAD this pathetic, bias, pro-China show is OFF THE AIR…
    Thanks to KTSF, or whoever pull the plug on this dumb show.

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