A legal battle is brewing over a policy at Stanford that allows dorms to prohibit the door-to-door distribution of newspapers. A lawyer representing a group of students associated with the conservative Stanford Review newspaper has sent the university a letter threatening a lawsuit if administrators do not “eliminate the door-to-door ban or at least consider a compromise,” according to a story by Gerry Shih of the Stanford Daily. The editor-in-chief of the Stanford Review, Ryan Tracey (pictured), explains in an opinion piece that his paper’s staff felt they had no choice but to use the legal option. “Our cause, ultimately, is for the sake of the University, not The Review,” Tracey wrote. “We believe an open door-to-door distribution policy is necessary for the preservation of an intellectual dialogue on-campus.”

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  1. You’d think an open-minded place like a college campus would welcome more newspapers and more points of view. Wonder what the Department of Communications (or whatever they call the J-school) is saying about this newspaper distribution ban? If they’re sitting on their hands, saying nothing, that would set a bad example for the journalists they’re teaching.

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