Darian O’Toole, Bay Area radio’s rebel redhead, has reportedly been let go by CBS-owned Free FM 106.9 (KIFR), according to the Bay Area Radio Digest. Initially the station said she was off the air last week because she was under the weather, but as of today (March 6), all references to O’Toole had been scrubbed from Free FM’s web site. O’Toole’s blog, http://darianotoole.blogspot.com, has an entry dated Friday saying “I’m still not back yet, but I’m always think’in about you listeners and the folks at FreeFM.” Replacing her is Turi Ryder, formerly of KPIX-FM and KFRC. Free FM signed on in October as the Bay Area’s only FM talk station, and O’Toole, who has worked at a number of other Bay Area stations, was one of the station’s original hosts.

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  1. Tony Salvadore needs a chair. Check out this email he sent his troops. Nice managment style, Tony!

    It has been pointed out that a number of employees have taken it upon themselves to remove chairs from the 11th floor conference room to use as their own personal desk chair.
    This was never discussed with anyone, was not authorized by anyone, and is unacceptable! Any employee who has removed a chair from the conference room on the 11th floor should return it ASAP. If you believe you need new seating for your personal work space then I suggest you speak with your manager and your request will be taken under consideration. In my opinion the decision by some people to confiscate company property without going through the proper channels is not only wrong but it is very disappointing to me…how would anyone think was going to be OK????
    Put the chairs back…no questions asked.

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