The 2006 National Headliner Awards were announced today (March 8) and 13 Bay Area journalists were honored:

  • Jon Carroll, Chronicle, second place, Local Interest Column on a Variety of Subjects
  • Gwen Knapp, Chronicle, first place, Sports Writing
  • Kim Komenich, Chronicle, third place, Newspaper Spot Photography (for “Tikrit Suicide Bomber Aftermath”)
  • Stephanie Grace Lim, Mercury News, third place, Newspapers Illustrative Graphics
  • Douglas Fischer, Oakland Tribune, second place, News Series, circulation up to 75,000 (for “A Body’s Burden: Our Chemical Legacy”)
  • Matt Bigler, KCBS-AM 740, second place, Radio Documentary or Public Affairs (for “Hired Hands”)
  • David Brancaccio, Simon Marks, Keith Porter and Kristin McHugh, KQED-FM 88.5, first place and grand award in radio (for “Security Check: Confronting Today’s Global Threats”)
  • Dan Noyes, Beth Ramsey and Lynn Friedman, KGO-TV, third place, TV Investigative Reporting (for “The Body Show”)
  • KPIX CBS 5 Consumer Watch, third place, Business and Consumer Reporting (for “On The Hook”)

    [AP story on the awards] [List of print and broadcast winners]

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