From left, Anna Badkhen of the Chronicle, Jackie Spinner of the Washington Post, UC Berkeley J-school Dean Orville Schell, John Burns of the New York Times and Berkeley J-School Professor Mark Danner discussed coverage of the Iraq war during a forum at UC Berkeley on Monday night. According to an article by Bonnie Azab Powell of the UC Berkeley News Office, the discussion centered on two questions — Are journalists in Iraq able to cover the real story? And are they getting the story “right”? Said Spinner of the Washington Post, “The Iraq war has so polarized this country. That’s why you hear hisses and boos and claps, depending on what you’re saying — people want to hear journalists reaffirm their previously held beliefs about the war,” Spinner said. “And I don’t do that. I simply speak what I see. And I’m sorry if that’s offensive to people, but I’m a journalist.” [Daily Cal: Security is a major obstacle journalists face in Iraq] [KGO-TV: Reporters explain why they’re telling a different story about Iraq than is told by returning troops]

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