KRON Channel 4, which gave up its NBC affiliation in 2000, will become an affiliate of a new network being created by the parent company of Fox Broadcasting. My Network TV will feature English-language prime-time soap operas similar to the popular telenovelas on Spanish-language stations. The new network will be headed by former Reagan communications adviser Roger Ailes, who built the Fox News Channel into the top-rated cable news network. Since the new network prefers that the soaps air between 8 and 10 p.m., the future of KRON’s “9 ‘O Clock News” and “The Dr. Phil Show” are in limbo. General Manager Mark Antonitis told Chron reporter Victoria Colliver he doesn’t know when Channel 4 will air the network’s programming. KRON’s move leaves KBWB Channel 20 without a network. It had been a WB affiliate, but that network is shutting down in August. The WB’s owners (AOL Time Warner and Tribune Co.) have joined with CBS to create a new network called CW, which will air on CBS-owned Channel 44. Channel 44’s current network, UPN, is closing in August as well.

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