The union leaders behind the web site report that they have received support from more than 100 concerned citizens, and they emphasize that the site is intended to be “inclusive” of both union and non-union Merc employees, according to an Editor & Publisher story by Miki Johnson. Although the site is supported by the Guild and is being organized by staffers who happen to be union officers or members, Guild President Becky Bartindale says they “wanted it to be inclusive of everyone who works at (the paper)….” The PPC reported Friday that the URL “” was registered Feb. 22 by Russ Cain of Carmel, a retiree from the Knight Ridder-owned Monterey Herald and a longtime Guild official. The E&P article quotes organizer and columnist Mike Cassidy as saying that a team of about 12 who are running the site began to meet last fall as the sale of Knight Ridder started to look inevitable. But Cassidy said the group was torn about when to post the statement on the site until the sale to McClatchy was announced on Monday (March 12). He said the sale “created a sense of urgency.”

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