This ad for KTVU’s “Action News 10 PM” from 1976 is one of many images on a web site celebrating the history of Bay Area TV. The site,, “exists to preserve what memories we still have of watching local TV in northern California from its beginnings to the late 1980s.” The site says that not much remains from the early days of Bay Area TV. “TV stations tended to erase and reuse expensive broadcast-quality videotape in the earlier years. For many of these shows, all we’ve got left are fading, fragmented memories.” It wasn’t readily apparent who owns the site (it’s registered to an Oklahoma City company and email on the site goes to a person named “Lon”), but site has recollections about shows from the past including “Dialing for Dollars,” “Creature Features” and “Dr. Jean Scott.” The site also has ads promoting local TV news shows and talent. [PPC Feb. 20: KPIX puts its historic film clips online]

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