The Newspaper Guild union, which complained Friday that it hasn’t received the information it needs to bid on the 12 Knight Ridder newspapers for sale, isn’t alone. McClatchy Co., which is spinning off the dozen papers as part of its acquisition of Knight Ridder, said in a statement (as reported in the New York Times) that it had not provided such information to any of the “dozens of parties” who have contacted McClatchy. McClatchy said that the only potential buyers to receive information so far were those that had signed nondisclosure forms leading up to the bidding for all of Knight Ridder, and that McClatchy had given them nothing further. This could complicate the process for some, the Times speculated. It also gives an advantage to newspaper companies like Dean Singleton’s MediaNews and Gannett, because they were the only ones big enough to pursue Knight Ridder when it was intact. Bids for the 12 newspapers are due at 5 p.m. tomorrow (March 27). Among the papers up for grabs tomorrow are the Mercury News, Contra Costa Times, Palo Alto Daily News and Monterey Herald.

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