That big BART meltdown on Wednesday couldn’t have come at a worse time for BART spokesman Linton Johnson (pictured in this Chron file photo). Matier & Ross report this morning that the veneers on his two front teeth had fallen off hours earlier and he had just hopped on BART to see his dentist when the train came to an abrupt halt. Then he heard that the computer system for all of BART was down — and that he would soon be facing the TV cameras whether he had his teeth or not. “Not wanting to look like a country bumpkin, he had temporarily plugged his veneers back in place — but warned everyone in advance that they might fall off,” M&R wrote. “Naturally, when KTVU’s Julie Haener arrived — too late for the dental alert — one of the veneers went flying in her direction, much to her surprise. ‘I nearly nailed her,’ Johnson recounted. And that’s pretty much how it went for the rest of night, as Johnson gave interview after interview, struggling to keep his bright smile in place.” Johnson got back to work the next morning and, according to M&R, BART’s central dispatch had already spread the good news to workers systemwide: “Linton’s tooth is fixed. Interviews from Country Music Network concluded.”

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