The Stanford Review, a conservative student newspaper, has been told by a disciplinary committee to apologize to students, faculty and staff for violating Stanford’s policy against distributing newspapers door-to-door in the dorms, but the paper is considering a lawsuit instead. The Stanford Daily is reporting today that the conservative paper’s staff has been ordered by Stanford’s Organization Conduct Board to write letters of apology and meet with an associate dean regarding the violations. The Review’s staff said it was engaging in “civil disobedience” by distributing its papers door-to-door in four dorms on Jan. 21, and the paper appears ready to fight for its rights in court. The Stanford Daily’s Christopher Lin quotes Review Editor-In-Chief Ryan Tracey as saying, “We’re pretty sure that nothing is acceptable to us as a paper unless it includes some sort of door-to-door distribution … If we can’t reach this, many people have drawn up affidavits and we are certainly planning on pressing forward and filing the lawsuit.”

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  1. STanford should spare everyone the pretense of saying the “distribution” of this newspaper is the problem and simply prosecute the editors for their opinions.

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