A month after midday host Darian O’Toole was fired by talk station “Free FM” 106.9 (KIFR), afternoon drive host John London (pictured) has been shown the door after he offered a reward on the air to have fellow talk show host Penn Jillette killed. Bay Area Radio Digest says that London opened his show on Thursday (April 6) by offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who would kill Jillette (the talking half of the Penn & Teller magician team), with an extra $2,000 if the death was painful. According to the Radio Digest, London’s Friday show was a “best of” tape. Brad Kava of the Mercury News posted a story tonight saying he talked to London, who confirmed he had been fired. London told Kava his comments were “obviously sarcastic” and that he was responding to Jillette’s earlier attack on Mother Teresa. The CBS-owned station isn’t commenting, but any reference to London was removed from the station’s web site over the weekend. London was replaced today (April 10) by Johnny Wendell, who does a 10 a.m.-noon weekend shift on Progressive Talk KTLK-AM Los Angeles. From 1985-1991, London did the morning show on KMEL where he developed a strong local following. He worked at stations in LA for most of the 1990s. He returned to the Bay Area and was at KNBR from 2001 to 2004. [Kava’s blog: Two strikes on Free FM] [ba.broadcast: London out at Free FM]

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  1. When I first heard London made a (in jest)comment about having Gillette killed, I figured it was because of the pathetic lead-in that Gillette’s show provided for him. London was the ONLY reason to listen to FREE FM. The best show in the Bay Area is gone. The only upside is that I gain a preset FM button on my car radio. Hey John, if you go to sattelite, go Sirius since I already bought it for Stern.

  2. Why should Penn be fired for what he said about Mother Theresa? It’s not the same as putting out a hit on someone. London is an idiot as are his 2 brown-nosers also.

  3. This is the best thing the station could have done. All london did was talk down about Penn when if he didn’t agree with him, he should have just kept his mouth shut. London is a total moron anyway, everything he would say he was angry about Penn doing, he was doing himself. It’s to bad london doesn’t have the intelligence of a flea.

  4. The thing that bothers me the most is that Penn wasn’t fired for saying that Mother Teresa only got hospitals in countries to watch people die for sexual pleasure. He should be fired. Now Free Fm is gonna suck!

  5. this is redicoulus… john london was the only thing holding that radio station togerther. turi ryders show today made me want to stab myself in the face with a pen (bitch)… im going with serius sattelite radio all the way now… at least ill get stern….

  6. I called the station and no one is saying anything other than John London was fired. I think the station management owes the public an explaination for its drastic measures. This reminds me of the situation with Larry Krueger at KNBR. Personally, the London show was the only thing worth listening to on that station.

  7. If the facts are true, then what a shame that we lost a great radio show in the bay area. So much for “free fm”

  8. This is the end of my loyalty to this station…

    Absolutly the best show on radio is gone. Go to sattelite guys, I will subscribe.

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