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April 2006 Press Club board minutes

Call to order at 6:22 p.m.
In Attendance: President Micki Carter, Darryl Compton, Peter Cleveland, Ed Remitz, Dave Price, Jon Mays, Aimee Strain, Jack Russell
Absent: Jamie Casini, John Kane

Old Business:

Micki Carter complimented Dave Price on his outstanding work on the PPC website — it really looks great!

Minutes for the March meeting were approved, despite typo indicating that some of the news magazines would remain in the category C in the journalism contest.

Treasurer’s report was also approved.

Compton said there are 547 entries in to be judged in this year’s contest.

Florida: 120 entries
Milwakee: 16 entries
Cleveland: 37 entries
Texas: 292 entries

Bench Bar Media:

Strain has been in contact with Judge Scott regarding the revival of the Bench Bar Media event. The plan is to meet in the coming weeks with Judge Scott and the president of the county bar association to determine a date.

Strain said that San Mateo County Times Managing Editor Jennifer Aquino had been contacted by the San Mateo County Sheriff’s office regarding a similar event. The idea was to join the two.

The soonest likely date for the event will be in the summer or early fall.

Strain said she’d be in touch via e-mail once things are ironed out.

New Business:

The scholarship competition had only 16 applicants. There were 27 applicants last year.

The board wondered why nobody is applying for the $1,500 Herb Caen Scholarship. Compton said the TV scholarship is way down too.

Cleveland suggested calling each district to find out who distributes a newspaper and trying to find new ways to market the scholarship.

Price suggested that maybe the scholarship amount is not enough to entice students to apply.

Remitz suggested having press club volunteers help high schools maintain their newspapers. He suggested sending a message to members stating that 12-24 volunteers are needed to get involved.

Mays suggested hosting another workshop.

Carter said she will make contact with the schools to find out which have papers and who is responsible for them.

Remitz, Russell and Kane will judge the entries.

Evening of Excellence:

To be held June 1 at the Crowne Plaza, Foster City.

The board discussed having another speaker for the event like last year. Suggestions from Price included Adam Clay Thompson of the Bay Guardian, and John Simerman of the Contra Costa County Times.

Strain suggested SF Chronicle reporter Kevin Fagan to speak on his coverage of the many executions he’s witnessed or SF Chronicle reporter Todd Wallach to discuss the UC pay issue he’s covered so well.

The board agreed a speaker would be a good addition, not to exceed 10-15 minutes of the program. Carter will make calls to see who’s willing to speak at the event.

Compton and Paul Sakuma’s Power Point presentations will be integrated thanks to Compton’s new laptop capabilities. Cleveland said he’d edit the presentations for typos.

Carolyn will do the centerpieces.

The board needs people to work the door of the reception.

Carter will take care of name tags.

Strain will provide Darryl with a contract from Joannie Joutz of the Crowne Plaza. Strain will also speak to Joutz about menu selection, making sure the meal is hot and priced the same as last year.

Price to remain $50 for members/ $55 for non-members

Bill Workman: Bill is at home in he and his wife Marla’s new apartment at Woodlake. Marla told Carter that “he’s back.” He is talking, can use one hand and is wheel-chair bound. He is in intense therapy all day, but things are definitely looking up for him.

Diana Diamond: Price said Diana Diamond is interested in joining the board as a board member.

Joe Benway, CEO of Wave Magazine was also present at the meeting.

Next meeting is May 3, 6:15 p.m., San Mateo Daily News board room

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

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