An appeals court might soon overturn a ruling by Santa Clara County Judge James Kleinberg (right) that made it easier for companies to track down people who leak information to the media. Mercury News writer Howard Mintz reports that an appeals court in San Jose today (April 20) appeared “openly hostile” to attempts by Apple Computer to pry information from a blogger who revealed confidential information about a new Apple product. Apple officials were furious two years ago when the blog by Jason O’Grady (pictured at left) gave details about a musical device designed to work with Apple’s GarageBand music software. Apple convinced a local judge, James Kleinberg, to allow them to subpoena O’Grady’s electronic files in an attempt to find his source. However, O’Grady has appealed and therefore hasn’t been forced to reveal his source. The appeals court will issue a ruling in the next 90 days, and Mintz says that whatever the ruling, the case appears headed for the state Supreme Court. [ZDNet: Apple argues for blogger records] [Chron: Apple tries to keep its secrets] [CNET News: Apple pushes to unmask product leaker]

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