Dean Singleton (pictured), whose MediaNews has agreed to acquire the San Jose Mercury News and other Knight Ridder papers for $1 billion, said no layoffs are planned. Bill D’Agostino of the Palo Alto Weekly wrote: “Exiting the Mercury News offices in San Jose this afternoon following the announcement, MediaNews CEO Dean Singleton, Mercury News Chairman and Publisher George Riggs, and a relaxed-looking Knight Ridder Chairman and CEO Tony Ridder were mobbed by television and print photographers. Asked about the effect the MediaNews purchase would have on Bay Area journalism, Singleton said, ‘It will make it even better.’ He also said that no layoffs are planned, and then got into Riggs’ black Jaguar and drove away.” News of the sale was closely guarded all morning, and announcements had been put off at the Contra Costa Times three times, that paper reported.

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  1. The Guild never had a chance — McClatchy and Knight Ridder wouldn’t even open their books to them. We’ll see what happens in Phily, but I’ll bet the Guild won’t get those papers either. Meanwhile, the Merc will go the same way as another Knight Ridder paper Singleton acquired — the Long Beach Press Telegram. It’s a shadow of its former self.

  2. So, after all the huffing and puffing and Singleton-bashing by Newspaper Guild types at the Merc and elsewhere, it’s a done deal. Singleton wins. The Guild bid, such as it was, is irrelevant. Not a big surprise. It was just wishful thinking, hot air and blather all along. Too many empty pockets. Money talks. Singleton has it, one way or the other, love him or hate him. The Guild doesn’t. Unions in this industry are dying. Sad to say, but that’s the truth. They had their place once upon a time. No longer. The info ballgame is forever changed. Get used to Dean. He’s not all bad. Well, let’s just say he’s a different breed of cat. It’s going to be a wild ride. Hang on tight.

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