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Moore, Griffith sound off about TV news

In a Q&A with the publication Bay Area Business Woman, anchors Pam Moore of KRON 4 (left) and Leslie Griffith of KTVU 2 discuss the significance of Katie Couric being named anchor of the “CBS Evening News.”

Says Griffith: “What is huge about the whole [Couric] thing [is] she’s managing editor of the CBS News, she’s not just anchoring the news. That means every word that she tells America is something that she had her hands on, that she made a decision about.”

Moore on how the TV news business has changed: “The business is run so much more by the corporate side of things now, which didn’t interfere with the news years ago. It was like [the news department] had its own sacred position in the building. That doesn’t exist anymore, and I think it hurt overall journalism.”

On sexuality and TV, Moore says: “Sexuality is so dominant in the media that women aren’t shown the range of options of who they are — it makes such a negative impression on young people.”

Griffith: ” I guarantee you, there are no women in boardrooms making the decisions to air that stuff, so I think that that is what we need to push our girls to do, go beyond what Pam and I have done. We’re standing on the shoulders of women like Belva Davis, who came before us; [we must] take a step further.”

Moore and Griffith will speak on a media panel at the Bay Area Business Women’s Expo at the Oakland Convention Center on Saturday, May 13. See www.babwnews/expo for information.

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