KRON Channel 4 has had the post office change the address of its building on Van Ness Avenue from 1001 to 1001552 because the programming director’s astro-numerologist, Jesse Kalsi, warned that the old number was bad for business. Adding “552” to the address is what Kalsi calls a “patch,” numerology jargon for fixing a bad number, according to SF Weekly. Programming Director Pat Patton, who gets personal advice from Kalsi, says things have improved at the station since the address change in January. Soon after, the station landed an affiliation with Fox’s new MyNetworkTV, which had also been sought by other independents in the market. Former news director Kevin McCormick says of the address change, “It encapsulates the absurdity of the place that a numerologist could influece a decision to alter the street address of a television station.” Maybe somebody should tell management that 4 is an unlucky number.

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