The man who newspaper Guild leaders recruited to help they buy the San Jose Mercury News and other Knight Ridder papers hired private detectives to get video and still photos of his ex-wife having sex with an ex-convict, according to documents released Friday in a divorce case. Some 1,200 pages of documents that billionaire Ron Burkle (pictured) fought to keep secret were released, which detail his lavish spending habits, his financial holdings and allegations of how he spied on his ex-wife, Janet, long after their divorce. Last year, when a Los Angeles business newspaper printed some of the allegations, Burkle had his employees buy up ever copy of the newspaper to prevent the public from reading about his alleged escapades. However, this new information was carried by the LA Times, Associated Press and hundreds of other papers, even Pravda in Russia. While Burkle was unsuccessful in buying the Mercury News, he and the Guild are still bidding for other Knight Ridder newspapers including the Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News. Guild leaders have said they don’t believe Burkle would try to interfere with the newsrooms of the newspapers he wants to buy.

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  1. This isn’t the first gaffe by Foley. Remember last year how she claimed that the U.S. military was deliberately murdering American reporters? The American public already holds journalists in contempt — they think we’re biased, inaccurate and lazy. We don’t need somebody like her “representing” us.

  2. The decision to team up with Burkle is yet another example of the poor judgment of the current Guild leadership. Linda Foley, the current president, needs to be voted out of office. This is an embarrassment to every Guild member.

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