Dean Singleton, seen here performing in a skit at a company retreat in Sundance, Utah, tells the New York Times that he plans to make the Mercury News a showcase for how print and the Internet can be merged. “All the issues we’re dealing with as an industry happened first in San Jose and are more dramatic in San Jose,” Singleton told the Times. “And if you begin to find solutions to the dramatic changes that are going on there, you’ve found them for all newspapers.” Singleton says the big challenge ahead is figuring out how to make money from the Web, where most news is free and ads are cheap. “If we don’t start getting paid for news, we can’t continue to afford to produce it,” he said. The skit, pictured above, featured Singleton in a turban and swami outfit as his editors sang their own lyrics to “Do You Know the Way to San Jose?” (“Writers here/are thinking fast/of parking cars/and pumping gas.”)

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  1. How many years has it been since newspapers began routinely thrusting all of their content online, for free. Then we lose subscribers to the Internet. Our Web sites can’t attract enough advertising to pay the bills. And we wonder who is to blame for the demise of newspapers.

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