Merc Editor Susan Goldberg and Metro Newspapers Editor Dan Pulcrano (both pictured) have been named to a 15-member panel studying open government reforms in San Jose. Open government has become a major issue in San Jose in the wake of a scandal in which Mayor Ron Gonzales was accused of making secret deals with the city’s trash contractor. Members of the news media have been involved in the open-government reform process from the get-go, with the Merc drawing up a proposed ordinance. According to a story by Merc reporter John Woolfolk half of the members of the committee were nominated by various groups representing businesses, labor unions, neighborhoods, good-government groups and the news media. The rest of the members were to be drawn randomly from a list submitted by the mayor and council members. The task force’s first meeting will be scheduled for mid-June at City Hall.

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  1. This is good newspaper representation… both are strong on Sunshine Ordinance. Dan is the guy who proposed the ordinance 8 years ago. Susan has been working with attorneys to redraft the ordinance. With a little luck, she’ll survive the Singleton axe.

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