Ryan Tracey (pictured), editor-in-chief of the conservative Stanford Review, reports today that a compromise has been reached in the paper’s battle to distribute door-to-door at the dorms on campus. A student court found the paper guilty earlier this year of distributing, in violation of a ban that the paper called unconstitutional. Tracey reports that after spring break, Dean of Student Affairs Greg Boardman agreed to take the decision about how newspapers are distributed to dorms out of the hands of a faculty panel and instead let each dorm vote on how they want papers delivered. If a dorm votes against door-to-door distribution, mailboxes would be set up for students and papers could be distributed there. “Although the provisions fall short of The Review’s ultimate goal for unconstrained distribution, the new policy is a significant victory for The Review and other student publications,” Tracey wrote. Tracey goes on to quote Martin Luther King Jr., ““Give us the vote. That’s all we need. If we only have the vote, everything else will fall into place.”

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