San Jose’s Metro Newspaper has created a blog,, that reads a lot like that paper’s “The Fly” political column, but is updated on a real time basis. With the June 6 primary just around the corner, the site’s launch couldn’t have been more timely, with lots of gossip about the races for Santa Clara County D.A, San Jose City Council and SJ Mayor. Here’s one comment from about the mayor’s race: “There‚Äôs the possibility that RON GONZALES could become the first mayor in modern San Jose history to resign in disgrace rather that face criminal charges. His wife GUISSELLE just quit her job at Transmetrics, which was seeking BART contracts …” Gonzo was a big proponent of bringing BART to San Jose. Another posting: “The hot subject of speculation this week is whether the mayor of San Jose will be indicted or resign.” Another item gives the addresses of the election night parties the candidates will hold.

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  1. Looks ike SV411 called that right. They and Metro were the only ones to predict the Gonzales indictment before it happened, and to report that the Civil Grand Jury had criminal indictment powers.

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