Three personalities who were fired by Free FM 106.9, including afternoon host John London (left), have filed suit against station owner CBS and magician Penn Jillette (right), also a host on the station, according to a press release issued by the plaintiff’s lawyers today (June 6). London and co-hosts Dennis Cruz and Chris Townsend claim in the suit they were fired after they defended Mother Teresa from comments made by Jillette. Jillette said on his April 7 show that Mother Teresa had a “weird kink that I think was sexual about seeing people suffer and die.” London, whose program followed Jillette’s, offered $5,000 to any listener who killed Jillette, and an additional $2,000 “if there’s some suffering attached to it.” When Jillette heard what London had said, he called CBS radio president Joel Hollander and demanded that he fire the three. The three claim they each had a “no-cut” contract that ran through Oct. 19, 2007. The trio’s attorney, Stephen Bickford of the law firm of Nossaman, Guthner, Knox and Elliott, said he found it ironic that the head of CBS Radio would “support Jillette’s trashing of Mother Teresa over those wishing to defend her through a humorous spoof, especially since Jillette preaches the gospel of free speech. I guess he’s in favor of free speech for himself, but not for others.”

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  1. you moron, do you really think London was serious? He is one of my favorite personalities because his humor demands that you suspend your belief in current paradigms. He makes you feel just a little bit uncomfortable for the sake of a laugh- like being tickled.

    And yes- he is a sick bastard.

  2. Death threats are never covered under free speech. Love him or hate him he does have 2 children and you side with making sure they do not have a father? Sick bastard.

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