He isn’t saying how much he was paid, but San Francisco cab driver Jack Neeley (right) has settled his lawsuit against the Chronicle, which ran his picture and identified him as Sgt. John Haggett, who had been accused of brutality. (In a file photo from January, Police Chief Heather Fong (left) holds up the page from the Chronicle showing Neeley.) Neeley’s lawyer, Daniel Bacon, said today (June 8): “My client is very pleased and satisfied with the settlement.” Neeley had complained that his life had been turned upside down because people were accusing him of being Sgt. Haggett. The Chronicle has refused to say how the error occurred, who committed the error or what was done to prevent it from happening again. But KGO-TV said tonight that Chron editor Phil Bronstein might make a statement about the error on Friday. [Chron’s report] [KGO’s report by Vic Lee] [Bay City News report] [Statement by Neeley’s attorney]

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