Craig Newmark of SF-based Craigslist says his company would be destroyed by legislation passed by the House Thursday that would allow Internet service providers to play favorites among different Web sites. In order to have people easily find your Web site, you’d have to pay the ISPs and telecoms millions. Here’s how Newmark explained it in a commentary posted on CNN’s news site: “Let’s say you call Joe’s Pizza and the first thing you hear is a message saying you’ll be connected in a minute or two, but if you want, you can be connected to Pizza Hut right away. That’s not fair, right? You called Joe’s and want some Joe’s pizza. Well, that’s how some telecommunications executives want the Internet to operate, with some Web sites easier to access than others. For them, this would be a money-making regime.” Telecoms and ISPs say they’d be fair to all Web sites, but Newmark isn’t so sure. The bill now goes to the Senate. He’s encouraging people to organize against this legislation and contact their Senators. [A second op-ed by Newmark appeared in Sunday’s Chronicle, this one comparing the proposed legislation to attempts to shut down Gutenberg’s first printing press.]

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