Chron Editor Phil Bronstein, in an interview with MarketWatch’s Jon Friedman, bristled at the attitude in New York and Washington newsrooms that his paper is a chronic under-achiever and not a particularly serious newspaper. “I have a similar view of THEM,” Bronstein responded. He labeled them “insular” and “arrogant.” Bronstein stressed that he’d prefer to edit a paper that was “interesting,” not necessarily serious.

Fine asked Bronstein a great question — Which San Francisco area stalwarts would he like to invite to a dinner party? His list included Ambrose Bierce, Mario Savio, Huey Newton, Sally Stanford, George Shultz, Carlos Santana, Will Hearst, Hunter Thompson, Amy Tan, Sandy Close, Julia Morgan, Lilllie Hitchcock-Coit, Daniel Handler, Dave Eggers, Cecil Williams, Harvey Milk, Nate Thurmond, Al Davis, Joe Alioto, John Keker, Francis Ford Coppola, Bill Graham, Peter Coyote, Bonnie Raitt and Mimi Silbert.

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