While the Chronicle’s reporting on alleged steroid use by Barry Bonds is capturing headlines today, eight years ago the reporter who had the scoop of the year about steroids was Steve Wilstein of the Associated Press, who lived in Bay Area at the time. Wilstein was the reporter who found the bottle of Androstenedione — or “andro” — in the locker of home run king Mark McGwire in 1998, the year the Cardinals slugger hit 70 home runs. Wilstein, who is now retired and lives outside of Seattle, tells E&P’s Joe Strupp that he suffered what might be called steroid fatigue because he wrote hundreds of stories on the subject since the McGwire scoop. Wilstein, 57, said his only regret was that after he wrote about “andro,” its sales went up 1000 percent in the following months because it was discovered by teenagers. This story gives an overview of Wilstein’s career and what’s going on his life today.

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