People involved in lawsuits are usually advised by their lawyers to keep their mouths shut when it comes to the media. So, as Ben Fong-Torres points out in his column in today’s Chron, it’s surprising to hear some of the things former Free FM host John London is saying about those he is suing in a wrongful termination lawsuit. London and with sidekicks Dennis Cruz and Chris Holland were fired by the CBS-owned station after offering $5,000 to anyone who would shoot majician/host Penn Jillett, who had just trashed Mother Teresa on the air.

• As for the guy who ordered London’s firing, CBS Radio chief Joel Hollander, London says: “… our termination is just another in a long line of his devastatingly bad decisions. This guy must have more job security than (Donald) Rumsfeld. His disastrous leadership in Dennis’, Chris’ and my situation, in which he put his ego ahead of the good of the company, is especially sad given the terrific people who work at CBS Radio’s San Francisco cluster … the best I have ever worked with. They deserve better than Hollander.”

• What about Jillette, who has claimed he’s an advocate of the First Amendment? “[H]is commitment to freedom of speech turns out to be just hypocritical hogwash. When he heard something he didn’t like, he ran crying to Joel Hollander (CEO of CBS Radio) to get me silenced.”

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  1. I guess what he and others are missing is the first amendment has nothing to do with this. It’s a radio station, which has owners. Free speech is only about public areas.

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