KRON Channel 4 is dropping its “Nine O’Clock News” in September when the independent station becomes a “My Network TV” affiliate and begins airing the network’s primetime soap operas from 9 to 11 p.m., according to Chuck Barney’s TV column in today’s Contra Costa Times. In order to get the new network, KRON was required to air the soaps in primetime (8 to 11), which meant either dumping the news or “Dr. Phil.” The “Nine O’Clock News” was anchored by Pam Moore, Tom Sinkovitz, Michael Kelting (weather) and Gary Radnich (sports), all of whom also do other newscasts at KRON that aren’t being canceled, so presumably they will be keeping their jobs. KRON launched the 9 p.m. newscast in 2002 after the station lost its NBC affiliation. MyNetworkTV is part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp., which also the parent of Fox Broadcasting, Fox News Channel, DirecTV, 20th Century Fox, the New York Post, the Times of London, etc. News Corp. created the network because some of the stations it owns lost their networks with the demise of the UPN and WB networks. Locally, KRON out bid Cox Broadcasting, which wanted the network for its KICU Channel 36. To make way for the switch, KRON has dropped its “Nine O’Clock News” promotions and begun to rebrand itself as “My KRON 4.” [PPC March 17: KRON affiliates with Fox’s new network]

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  1. this is really a desperate move by kron — this is an untested network that will probably get a 1 rating if it’s lucky

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