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ANG editor to oversee Coco Times news

The consolidation of the Contra Costa Times with Dean Singleton’s ANG Newspapers, such as the Oakland Tribune, has begun, a story in this morning’s Coco Times indicates.

“We will have more people reporting on local news than any other organization in the country,” Keane said.

Keane said he believes it will be possible to greatly improve how the various papers deliver stories via the Internet.

“We are not just a newspaper company any longer,” Keane said. “We are an information company. We will put out the information on the Web in any format that the readers in the community want. Podcasts, video casts, blogs.”

To deal with duplication between ANG and the Coco Times, the plan is to “deploy reporters to handle areas and topics not being covered now,” he said. Editors listed San Francisco, Solano County and San Joaquin County as areas for expansion.

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