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Video shows Centanni, Wiig kidnapped

A videotape of Fox News correspondent and former Bay Area journalist Steve Centanni and his photographer, Olaf Wiig of New Zealand, was released today (Aug. 23) by a previously unknown Palestinian group which is demanding a prisoner exchange in 72 hours. The video was the first sign of Centanni or Wiig since they were kidnapped Aug. 14 near the Palestinian security services in Gaza City.

“Our captors are treating us well,” said Centanni, 60, adding that they had access to clean water, showers, bathrooms, food and clothing.

According to the AP, a written statement accompanying the video, issued by a group called the Holy Jihad Brigades, demanded Muslim prisoners in U.S. jails be released within three days in exchange for Centanni and Wiig. The group did not say what would happen if the deadline passed unanswered.

Centanni’s brother in San Jose welcomed the video. “We’re very relieved that the kidnappers have contacted the world and we can see our brother and Olaf,” Ken Centanni told the AP. “They look tired and a bit down, but they look good. We’re just at this point going to do what we can to secure their release.” [CBS Public Eye: Why isn’t this kidnapping getting more coverage?] [TV Newser: Details on the video] [PPC: Centanni’s Bay Area ties, previous developments]

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