John London, who was fired by San Francisco’s Free FM (KIFR 106.9) April 6 in a dispute with magician Penn Jillette over Mother Teresa, plans to launch a nationally syndicated show Oct. 2 airing weeknights from 6 to 9 p.m. ET (3-6 PT). Instead of being a right-wing or a left-wing host, London told that he is “calling all sensible people back to the wishy-washy middle where most of us reside anyway. Your namby-pamby leader is here. Politics isn’t religion, but we’re letting far edge players turn it into an ideological faith.” No word yet on what stations will pick up his show. Since London left the CBS-owned Free FM, the station has gone through a number of afternoon hosts. Currently, L.A. host Tom Leykis is in the 3-7 p.m. slot. Ben Fong-Torres pointed out in Sunday’s Chronicle that Free FM has gone to a weekday schedule of all syndicated hosts. [PPC, April 10: Free FM fires talk show host John London] [PPC, April 23: More dirt about John London’s firing] [PPC, June 6: John London, others sue CBS, Penn Jillette] [PPC, July 2: Ex-Free FM host speaks mind during lawsuit] [PPC, Aug. 11: Leykis to take on Savage]

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